YouTube Ad Blitz


Accessible on desktop, mobile, tablet or a combination of devices, Ad Blitz served as YouTube’s channel for watching and voting for the 2014 Super Bowl commercials. Following the widely held belief the second most happening thing on Super Bowl Sunday is the TV ads, YouTube engaged viewers by having them vote for their favorite commercials. To encourage viewers to cast their ballots, John’s team created pre-roll videos that ran before, during and after the game, generating 2 million + views.

Working with technology and creative partner Jam3, John’s team took Ad Blitz to the next level by developing “Toss & Catch,” a game for up to four players included on the main Ad Blitz page. The Toss & Catch platform allowed users to digitally recreate controversial Super Bowl plays that had them screaming at their TV screen. The results were pretty impressive. We’re talking 4 million site visits in 24 hours, 5.6 million site visits to date, and 336,000 virtual footballs tossed. With over 555,000 individual votes, the 2014 Ad Blitz was the most immersive Super Bowl commercial hub YouTube ever developed.

September 14, 2013
ECD: John Militello
CD: Jen Drop, Kyle Locke
Producers: Carlyn Sylvester, Leena Roseberry, Kariyushi Casper, Christine Allen
Vendor Partner: Jam3 / Surreel
Recognition: FWA mobile site of the day, FWA/Adobe The Cutting Edge Award of the Week

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