Lay’s: Do Us A Flavor


Each year, Lay’s asks consumers to “Do Us A Flavor” and select their favorite new chip flavor. For 2015, Lay’s asked the Google ZOO to take things to a new level. Always up for a challenge, John’s team worked hard and fast to pitch fun, organic concepts designed to entertain users and inspire submissions. This resulted in two new user experience highlights, one of which is The Daily Flavorcast. Powered by Google Search Trends and Maps API, The Daily Flavorcast features an interactive map that showcases the diversity of America's flavors.

Using real-time search data on the most searched ingredients and flavors across the country, The Daily Flavorcast provides updates showing the top five trending flavors in each state. John’s group also created My Flavor Story: Epic Movie Trailer. Equipped with four popular film genres and incorporating technology custom-developed by the ZOO, the My Flavor Story tool gives consumers the option to promote their favorite flavor by producing a video in the style of a movie trailer. With just a few clicks, users can create a fun, polished video they can share across their networks.

January 20, 2015
ECD: John Militello
CD: Jen Drop
Design: Avani Agarwal
Producers: Bryan Rodman & David Linder
Vendor Partner: Frank Collective and Croscon

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