Disney + Marvel:
Guardians of the Galaxy


Blockbuster movies are typically fueled by blockbuster promotions. And Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy is no exception. To generate early interest in the film that features relatively unknown characters, Disney turned to the Google ZOO. John’s hand-picked team of creatives responded with a website for Galaxy Getaways—the universe’s premier travel company specializing in “taking you beyond the ordinary vacation destinations of earth.”

The idea behind this faux travel agency and intergalactic travel campaign is to get moviegoers so excited about the new world showcased in the film that would want to visit it. Using authentic film footage,users are invited to travel to the galaxy’s most exotic locations including Xandar and Morag, experience 6-Star luxuries, explore ancient ruins and “party like an outlaw.” Much like the movie, the Galaxy Getaways website has become a smash hit, receiving considerable attention from the press as well as forthcoming award shows.

July, 2014
Disney + Marvel
ECD: John Militello
CD: Peter Karacas
Producer: David Linder
Vendor Partner: B-Reel

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