“Today’s brands have to re-imagine how they connect with people. And in order for brands to survive they must learn to listen and adopt at scale.”

- 2014 Think Travel

Knowledge. Experience. Passion. Results.

From his agency work on executive teams that developed client strategy and vision to his current role with Google, John has spent the past 15+ years building high profile brands. As his project portfolio indicates, he’s experienced great success leading his creative colleagues in developing communications that define the very best of what can be accomplished using digital platforms.

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A mission to reimagine how brands and people connect.

John knows brand. He believes that developing a great brand isn’t about the big idea; it’s about finding a good idea first, then finding the greatness in it. "If you have a great idea, big will follow." Throughout his career John has built a wealth of strong brands including Mercedes-Benz Starmark, Volvo for life Awards and Fitzgerald Brunetti. Bringing together outstanding leadership skills and the industry’s most advanced brand building tools such as the Google ZOO, Zeitgeist and the Google Video Toolkit, John continues to take the art and science of branding to a new level.

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The invaluable role of leadership.

If John Militello wasn’t born a leader he has certainly made the transformation. Through inspirational vision, coaching and guidance he has built the Google ZOO team into the powerhouse brand-building unit it is today. Along the way he’s enhanced the image and credibility of the ZOO brand by delivering thought leadership presentations for audiences of SXSW, TEDx and more.

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Incredibly innovative, strategic, and yet practical, John has the ability to truly listen and understand a brand’s challenges and develops a creative solution that not only meets but exceeds client needs. Plus, he’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

Linda Gangeri
Manager, marketing Platforms & Technologies
Volvo cars of North America, LLC